About (or as I like to say, the short biography of me!)

Hi to whoever is reading this! Welcome to my dumpster of ideas that I call a blog. As the website suggests, I’m not kidding when I say that it’s a clueless girl writing about the only things that she knows about cause this is what the site is all about. I’m going to start really casually because at the end of the day, this isn’t a blog that should be taken that seriously. This is just me and my trusty Macbook writing about all the advice that I can give about how to survive the chaotic world based on my short time in the world so don’t hate!

So beginning with the juicy… well not so juicy details. I’m a student that is going through the most relaxing years of high school. Yay! I currently live in the small city of Perth, Australia. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Perth? Australia? Well, contrary to popular belief, Australia isn’t all outback as you might think it is. Yes it is made up majorly of desert and sand but most (emphasis on the most) of us don’t really live in that area. Lucky for most Australians, majority of us live near the coast meaning that the beach is practically just a short walk or drive for those who don’t live that closely. Read my post about Common Myths About Australia to find out more info goodness.

Now moving on to my hometown Perth. Ah, sweet Perth. One of the most unappreciated cities of Australia. As some of you might know, Perth is the capital city of Western Australia or as I like to call, Australia’s mini country. With a small population, it really doesn’t attract much attention besides from the successful mining industry. But what people don’t know about the small city is that Perth is a hub for all things edible and delicious. Because of the small size of the city, this makes backpacking really easy. I would highly recommend coming to Perth for a small adventure because you really don’t know what little treasure you might stumble upon. This is really just turning into an ad for Perth… oh well!

I am currently in year 9 which means the beginning of exams and all the jolly goodness that comes along with it. Please pray for me. According to my friends, I am a big drama queen that provides for their daily entertainment which is soooo not true… maybe? I love to read, especially on Wattpad. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s basically a platform for both writing enthusiasts and reading fanatics and I definitely recommend a visit. I am also a massive otaku and horror fan. Although I am a big fan of horror, I hate gory movies but I don’t mind the occasional blood pool or organ in my movies. I love food and youTube and Instagram and Google and listening to music and I should probably stop. So, I hope you’ve enjoyed that little uninformative bio and have a wonderfully chaotic day. Cheerio!

Lucy xox

P.S. You can follow me on Instagram at @_lucindaclara_ or on Wattpad as ClaraViolet


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