Kissing A Frog Prince

“Mummy! Mummy! Come look at this,” a little girl screamed while jumping up and down.

“In a second honey, I need to turn off the oven,” replied Macy as she quickly cleared the kitchen of all the excess flour from her baking session.

Tiny footsteps echoed through the hallway as Tilly ran into the kitchen. Her adorable little head whipped side to side as she searched for her mother. As Macy closed the cabinet while hooking her apron onto the door, Tilly’s eyes lit up. She ran to her mom and started to drag her into the theatre room.

“Mummy, Tiana just kissed the frog and it turned into a prince! Can you believe it!” she rambled on while her mom was being dragged by the hand by her little daughter. “If I kiss a frog, will it turn into a prince as well?”

Macy let out a warm chuckle as she went to sit down on one the room’s many couches. “I don’t think you should go around kissing frogs honey,” Macy said, “they might be carrying cooties on them.”

Her little daughter scrunched up her nose and let out an adorable yuck. Her mood instantly changed when the main character in the movie burst out singing. Tilly leapt up and down as she shouted the lyrics to one the songs that was currently being sung in the movie. The little girl danced to every lyric in the movie and swayed to every beat.

Ding-dong! Both Macy and Tilly went to the door to see who was there and just when she opened the door, a little body ran straight into Macy.

“AUNT MACY!” the little boy shouted.

He hugged onto her knees for dear life. “Hello Benny. Where’s your mummy?” she asked.

“Over there,” Benny replied as he pointed towards a silver convertible that was parked on the family’s driveway. A small woman wobbled from the car towards the front door as she struggled to walk due to her tummy that was swelled with signs of pregnancy.

“Hey Gen! How’s the pregnancy going?” Macy asked as her best friend made it to the front door, clearly out of breath.

“Disastrous. I forgot how much my feet and back ached after walking,” Gen puffed out.

Macy laughed at her best friend’s dismay. She guided her pregnant best friend into the living room and the two of them started to catch up with each other for a good ten minutes. Unfortunately, this was soon interrupted as a scream rung through the house.

“Tilly!’ Macy and Gen leapt out of their chairs and sprinted towards the living room. What they found was Benny and Tilly wrestling on the floor. The two best friends looked at each other and went to separate the two children. The two children broke apart kicking and screaming at each other.

“Mama! Benny said that princes aren’t real and that frogs are just ugly little creatures!” Tilly screamed as tears welled up in her eyes.

“Benny! How could you?” Gen asked as she glared at her only son.

Benny huffed while puffing out his chest and crossing his arms. He stomped his foot down onto the ground and said, “I only did it because it’s true! Frogs don’t turn into princes in real life! Everyone knows that!”

“Nah uh! Mummy believes me don’t you mummy?” Tilly rebutted.

Tilly stared at her mother with big doe eyes. Macy felt guilty as she didn’t know whether or not she should tell Tilly the truth but her guilt won over so she just agreed with her daughter by nodding her head.

“Ha! See that Benny! Even my mummy believes that frogs are princes as well,” screamed Tilly.

“Hmph! Then your mum is probably lying then.” Benny held his head high.

By now, Tilly was nearly bursting with anger. Both children faces’ were red from all the fighting and screaming.

“Well then, if a frog is turned into a prince after I kiss it then you have to kneel in front of me and my mummy and you will have to apologise! But if it won’t I will do the same to you. Deal?” Tilly sneered.

“Deal,” Replied Benny.

Before their mothers could catch them, the two ran out of the door and walked hand to hand.

“Well this is going to be interesting,” sighed Macy.

“Tell me about it,” Gen grumbled back.

Both Gen and Macy went to get the stuff that they needed and then headed out to follow the children. After two minutes of catching up and three minutes of walking, the little group ended up at their little neighbourhood park.

“Hey kids! What are we doing here?” asked the two mums.

“Uh duh mum! We’re going to find frogs for me to kiss,” Tilly replied sharply.

“But honey, frogs have germs on them. It would be unsafe for you to kiss them,” Macy stated.

“No buts mum! I have to prove that Benny’s wrong and that frog princes are real, otherwise he won’t stop bugging me about it,” Tilly whined.

Macy sighed and massaged her temples with two fingers. “No means no Tilly. I don’t wa-“

“Kay, bye mum,” cuts off Tilly and she hops to the park’s pond.

The young mother stares at her only daughter as she hops cheerfully to the pond. Gen pats her friend’s back gently.

“Don’t worry, she’s going to be fine.”

Macy looks at her friend with a blank face.

“Says the person who got salmonella eating a one week old hotdog,” retorts Macy.

Gen raises both hands. “In my defence, I was really hungry and it just looked too good to resist,” she shrugs.

“Yeah right. That was after you finished twelve cheeseburgers, six Neapolitan shakes and ten smoothies,” Macy said while giving a pointed look at her pregnant best friend. “Anyway, let’s catch the kids before they disappear, again.”

The pair headed off and soon arrived at the sight of their two children squatting beside the pond. Gen laughed as both children fell into the pond while trying to catch a frog.

“Tilly,” screamed Macy as she rushed to her daughter’s side.

“Mama! Look! I caught a frog,” Tilly giggled.

The little girl held the struggling frog with both hands and gave it a little peck in the mouth. Both women cringed. Tilly held the frog as she waited for a prince to appear.

“Mama! Why isn’t it turning into a prince?” Tilly whined.

Macy sighed as she readied herself to explain to her daughter that there was no prince but just as she was about to do so, Benny yanked the frog out of Tilly’s hands and kissed her right on the lips. Both Gen and Macy were gobsmacked at what had happened.

“There is no prince cause I’m your only prince! Understand,” Benny said with a slight lisp.

Tilly, looking dazed only nodded her head as Benny grabbed her hand and lead them both out of the pond, heading in the direction of Tilly’s home.

“Boy, I raised my boy well,” Gen giggled.

Macy whacked her best friend on the head and proceeded to head home.

“Hey! What was that for!” yelled Gen. “Hey! Macy! I was talking to you! Hey!”

And with that, both families lived happily ever after…

The End…


So, what did you guys think of my first short story? When I was writing this, I literally just started to day dream about the last scene with the kiss! Wasn’t it just adorable! Sometimes, I must really pat myself on the back for good thinking. Comment down below your thoughts on this little mini fairytale and in the meantimes, have a wonderfully chaotic day! Cheerio!


Lucy xox


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