The Equipment Needed to Survive School

It’s January which means there is only a few weeks left until school (well, at least in Australia anyway) which means that books are being ordered and the post-school blues start to kick in… again. Unfortunately, book list can have include stuff that aren’t even going to be used so in this list, I’ll be sharing with you my list of items that I think are necessary for surviving school. (P.S. A word of warning before you read. I get really emotional when talking about stationary so I’m just going to apologise before hand. Sorry!)


1. The Notebook

Now, this might sound really obvious but when going to school, carrying a notebook with you to class is a must. This is the first thing on my list because I’ve actually seen people just carry their equipment and a laptop with them into class with nothing to write on because they expect that they can write everything on their laptop. This can be true for some people but seriously, bring a notebook. Without it, how are you going to write stuff down and note take? If you’re the type of person to forget taking an individual notebook to each class then I would suggest a 3 or 5 subject notebook depending on how much writing space you need.

2. Planner

This is an optional item but one that I feel is necessary to carry so that you don’t (and won’t!) forget important dates such as test times, stuff to revise for, event dates and so on. Check out my other blog post, Tips on Surviving High School to read more on the benefits of carrying a planner!

3. Pack of pencils or a Frixon pen

Having a pencil is important cause this is the writing utensil that you should be using in maths because mistakes are bound to be made, especially in maths. I personally use it for all subjects when writing so that if I can make a mistake, I can easily remove it but that’s just my personal preference. If you like using pen, might I suggest investing in a Frixon pen because with this pen, you at least have the option of rubbing it out instead of using white out. It just looks neater and more presentable.

But make sure to use pen in your tests or exams if it calls for a pen to be used because nobody wants to get marks deducted or for it to not get marked just because of a silly mistake . I suggested a pack of pencils because in high school, you’re going to lose a lot of things (especially if it is stationary) so if you lose a pencil, there’s plenty more pencils available to use. Genius.

4. Sharpener & Eraser

If you’re going to carry around a pencil or two, have a sharpener and an eraser with you. End of argument.

5. Scientific Calculator

A scientific calculator is going to make your life a whole lot easier when in any classes that requires some calculations to be made. Believe or not but some people don’t actually carry a calculator with them which is kinda shocking in my books. Like, how are you going to do maths without a calculator. If you’re a maths genius then go ahead and forget the calculator but for the rest of us mortals, how are you going to do the calculations that require a calculator??? Also, how are you going to work out averages and all of that jazz in science without it? Of course you don’t have to carry it with you all the time but bring it to the classes that need a calculator even if you aren’t sure that you’ll be using it because you can never be too safe… Unless you’re having sexy time (Insert coughs) but that is something entirely different!

6. Binder

Moving on to something less awkward, having one or two or maybe three binders to store all of your loose papers can be useful. It helps you to keep track of all those sheet handouts and can help declutter you locker if you keep the sheets in your notebooks or in random places.

7. Earphones

For those times when you’re studying before a test or just having free time in class, a great way to help you concentrate or pass time is by listening to music. This is where the earphones come in. During these times, just plug in your earphones and press play to your favourite album or playlist. WARNING: Please ask for the teacher’s permission before doing so because ain’t nobody want to get into a load of trouble. Check out my monthly POTM for my playlist of the month.

8. Pens

Carry at least one black or blue pen with you so that in case of a surprise test or quiz, you have at least something to write with!

9. Whiteout

If you carry pens in your pencil case then bring some whiteout.

10. Ruler

Rulers can be quite useful in school. You’re going to use at least one a week in multiple classes so just bring a ruler and don’t be that person that constantly asks for one.

11. Pencil Case

This might sound stupid and really obvious but if you bring stationary with you then carry it in a pencil case. No one wants to lose their stuff and it just makes life a whole lot easier. If you want to hear my rant about pencil cases, click here!

12. USB

You know, for storing stuff… and more stuff… and even more stuff…

13. Highlighters

To highlight notes and all of that goodness. (Or you can just highlight things to make you look smarter?)

Links to Items (Not in order, sorry…)

Ear phones – $10.00

Pencil – $9.22

Pens – $9.95

Sharpener & Eraser  – $3.95

Whiteout – $5.99

Ruler – $0.79

Planner – $39.95

Pencil Case – $14.95

Highlighter – $7.49

Binder/Folder  – $2.00

USB – $10.88

Calculator – $28.99

Notebook – $12.99

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading that and have a wonderfully chaotic day! Cheerio!

Lucy xox



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