How To Survive High School/Hell

High school is hell. That is a given as you’re going through puberty while
having wrecking balls thrown at you in the form of school work, blooming relationships, peer drama blah blah blah. I’m sure you’ve heard about it many times prior to reading this. Now, as I am currently going through the stages of hell known as school, I have noticed a lot of mistakes that students, my fellow peers or myself have made so here are some tips that can help you survive high school. Possibly.

1. Have Good/Trustworthy Friends

bench-people-smartphone-sun-large.jpgNow, this might seem like a joke but having close friends that you can rely on will make the journey through high school a million times better. By having a reliable friends, you will always have someone that will have your back during tough times and believe me, there will be a lot of that (a.k.a gossip, mean girls, issues with Regina George etc.). For example, if you ever have any issues with someone else or have some pent up stress, that friend will be your lifesaver. Especially if it’s at 2 o’clock at night before a major test or exam which moves me on to my next point.

2. Have someone that you can call/talk to late at night

This ties in with my first point because restaurant-hands-people-coffee-large.jpgif you have a habit of finishing off things late at night (like unfinished homework, assignments, revision etc.) chances are, you’re probably going to get stressed out… like really stressed out. But if you have this valuable person, whether it’d be a family member or friend, you can reduce you stress by talking with that person about your life problems or by having just a simple chat with them.

This can help calm you down or keep you calm enough for the big test or exam that next morning and will keep you level-minded (or at least sane) for the big event. This also works if you just need to let out some steam about a “certain person” who is annoying you or just anything that is making you feel stressed. Important note: if you’re going to talk to that person about your life matters, make sure that they’re reliable/trustworthy. You don’t want any embarrassing information about yourself to spread.

3. Invest in a good planner

If you want to stay organised during school or just want to make life just a little bit easier, this is the key. Now it might seem a little old school to some of you but having a planner has saved my butt countless times. Having a planner will not only allow you to stay on track with all of you assignments, events, tests and other important stuff, it will also save you a lot of stress from having to memorise all those bits and pieces that need to be remembered.

Also, by writing out all the information, whether it’s handwritten or electronically written, you’re actually helping yourself to remember what you’ve written so bonus points! Also, for those of you who like to DIY or like to decorate, decking out your planner with stickers and washi tape can be quite therapeutic every once in a while. There are tons of planners out there on the market to suit everyone’s needs so pick one that feels comfortable for you. I got my planner from Typo linked here.

4. Have a pencil case that fits your needs 

Do not (emphasis on both words) pencils-crayons-crayon-colored-pencils-large.jpg
have a massive pencil case that is mainly filled with air. This is aimed at both girls and guys but mainly towards the guys. Boy does this issue piss me off. Seriously, if you’re going to take a massive pencil case to school then make sure it is filled with the equipment you need and no, air is not on the list. If all you’re bringing to school is just a pen and a few other things, get a smaller pencil case or one that comfortably fits all of your stationary. This can save you unnecessary space that your pencil case might be taking up in your bag and believe it or not, can make you feel less stressed. Magic! (Insert sarcastic voice)

By having a more accommodating pencil case, this can help you become more organised because you actually know what’s in your pencil case. Plus, it will save you all that extra effort that comes along with carrying a large pencil case. Overall, it’s just better for you and there’s less stuff to carry. What’s not to love? If you have trouble finding a pencil case in your local area, then there are plenty of pencil cases online such as this medium sized, white mesh pencil case from OfficeWorks, this pencil pouch from Etsy, this three zipper pencil case from Typo or this pencil case from Ebay that come in various designs for fans of Marvel. All of the pencil cases listed above are suitable for both sexes (yes, I also laughed when I wrote this word) and all but the first option come in many designs so there is probably one for you.

5. Have the right equipment for school

coffee-cup-mug-desk.jpgHaving the right equipment is mandatory for surviving school, seriously. Without the right equipment, how are you going to write your test out or finish school work? Having the right equipment is probably one of the most important things that are needed to survive high school. No jokes. If you listen to this point, acting it out can save you from the countless detentions from that one mean teacher because of not having the equipment necessary. Just having a pen will not suffice. When receiving your school booklist, have a good look at it because that is the list of equipment that your teachers’ think are needed and trust me, listen to your them. For the list of equipment I think are needed to survive school, please check out my blog post The Equipment Needed to Survive School. Might be useful, who knows?

6. Don’t leave things till the last minute

Now, I can say that this is a tip that I violate plenty of times pen-writing-notes-studying-large.jpgover and over again, but that doesn’t mean that you should too. As guilty offender of this mistake, leaving assignments or revision till the last minute is both stressful and agonising for the mind and body. This is especially important for those who have an upcoming test or exam because by studying late at night, you’re exhausting yourself and limiting the amount of information that your brain is taking in.

However, if you do land in a situation where you only have the night before the test or exam to study, I would recommend going to sleep early and then waking up early to revise. This will help you concentrate much better during the test or exam and you will have the information fresh in your mind. If you tend to do nothing and procrastinate like myself, make sure to do a tiny bit of the assignment or revision every night. It doesn’t even have to be a lot of work. As long as you finish a portion of the work every night, it will add up gradually and before you know it, you will finish whatever you need to get done. By making small goals each night, you’re actually motivating yourself to finish the work and by doing this, it will save you the stress of pulling all nighters to finish the task.

7. Clean up your bedroom or locker

I’m pretty sure at least one of you have heard you’re parents or guardians say this line at least once, am I right? Believe it or not but having a clean environment is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. Not only does it increase your productivity, it can also lift your moods. By seeing a clean environment, it can have a positive effect on your mentality but if you like a messy bedroom or locker then go ahead and do whatever the hell you want to do with it. Sure it can take a lot of work cleaning your bedroom or locker, but the outcome of this outshines the effort it took to clean your room… hopefully.

8. Don’t be forced into an unwanted relationship

person-couple-love-romantic.jpgFor those who are in a happy relationship then congratulations! Unfortunately, this tip is for those who are still single so please skip this point. Now, to those who are single then this tip is for you. Look, I get it. Most people around you are probably in a relationship because it is high school after all but don’t let that get in the way! Although there is a good portion of students that are in a relationship, there is also a good portion of students that are single so don’t give up.

Also, if your friends are forcing you to date someone that you don’t want to date then don’t seriously. Don’t be that person that easily caves in because at the end of the day, you can do whatever the hell you want so don’t let others make you do something that you don’t want to do. Don’t be shy to tell your friends that you don’t like (insert name) in that way and hopefully they’ll bug of. If they don’t understand and continue to harass you to date that person then ignore them. True friends are those who understand you and your needs so if they don’t understand that much then they’re not worth hanging with.


So, that is my list of the Tips To Help You Survive High School/Hell. Of course there will be some tips that I’ve missed out so please comment ones that you’ve found helpful. If you’ve enjoyed this list then please subscribe to my mailing list for more posts like this one and have a chaotically wonderful day! Cheerio!

Lucy xox


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