Why The Exorcist let me down

Why The Exorcist let me down. Now by reading this title, some people might hate me or agree with my blog post but let me state this loud and clear, this is just my opinion on the movie and on nothing else. This post isn’t to insult the movie or the actors and actresses and what not. This is just my opinion on the highly acclaimed horror movie The Exorcist but don’t get me wrong, I did like the movie but it just didn’t live up to my expectations. Now that is down and over with, let me tell you about my experience with the movie.

AAs a horror movie fan, I have heard a lot of praise about the movie. This got me really hyped up but for some reason, I hadn’t gotten to watch it recently and boy was I let down. From all the reviews that I’ve read online, every single one of them spoke of a frightening movie that will chill you to the core.

I’ve also heard from a teacher who had watched it during its original release and that a lot of people had vomited from fright just after watching the movie, back in her time, as they had though that it was real. This was understandable as there weren’t a lot of paranormal horror movies back in those days but after hearing this, I was expecting a horror movie that was a 9 on a scale of 10 in terms of how scary it would be.

Finally, during this summer, I had gotten to watching the movie on my laptop. The first few minutes of the movie were confusing to say the least. Not to be stereotypical but I was honestly expecting to see the main characters interact with each other but all I got was an old man in the Middle East on a expedition site. Of course I would go on to find out that this would be somewhat relevant but to put that little scene in without any explanation can be puzzling.

This scene confused me to say the least but I continued to watch the movie. For a horror movie, it definitely filled the checkbox for suspense but for some reason, it just didn’t scare me like Insidious or The Omen did. All scenes were brilliantly shot and some scenes did scare me but it just didn’t have a lingering effect of me like the two movies did. The feeling of fear just didn’t stick to me at all.

At that time, I had thought that because of all of the horror movies that I had watched so far, the feeling had died down but after watching The Omen the day after watching The Exorcist, the thought was crossed out in my mind. Anyway, the movie was good but it just didn’t meet my expectations but that’s just my opinion. To those of you who’ve watched it, what do you guys think? Was it scary for you or was it just average? Tell me in the comment section below and have a chaotically wonderful day! Cheerio!

Lucy xox


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